If you were born a boy, then the best thing you could do for your career, and indeed life on this planet in general, is to graduate from one of those famous private English schools where the future world elite is educated. But if it so happened that you were born a boy not in the UK and studied in completely different schools, then you can make life easier for your children and grandchildren. We will tell you which dream schools you should send your smart boy to (what to do if you have a smart girl, we will also tell you - do not hesitate, and being a girl is great).  

Winchester College, Winchester, Hampshire

Just an hour and a half from London - and you find yourself in the oldest boarding school, in which there are even more traditions than students. Winchester College was created in 1382 by William Wyckham, Bishop of Winchester Abbey, and he did it for boys from poor families, which is rather ironic, considering from which families boys have a chance to get there today. However, it is not easy to enroll here in any case - despite the fact that teenagers study at school from the age of 13, the first exam must be passed at 11 (and in Prague), and parents must have time to enroll in this boarding school while their son is from 8 to 10 years. Think about it - last year the registration of applicants for 2020 ended! But on the other hand, the best of the best and the luckiest of the lucky ones study and teach here. 

Tuition fee - £ 36 678 per year. 

Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire 

Ever since King Henry VI founded the most famous boarding school for boys in 1440, Eton has remained the favorite school of the royal family and the entire British aristocracy: not only Princes William and Harry studied here, but also 20 British Prime Ministers. People graduated from here are versatile, like Leonardo da Vinci. Any boy who graduates from Eton turns into a man not only well educated, but also making progress in football, cricket, rowing, pottery, theatrical and literary skills, philosophy, rhetoric and even fishing, that is, literally in everything. 

Tuition fee - £ 37,602 per year.

Tonbridge School, Kent 

The boarding school, founded in 1553 by Sir Andrew Judd, has been producing well-educated young men for centuries, 99% of whom go to universities, and 24% to the best ones - Oxford and Cambridge. Among the majestic Victorian buildings, approximately 780 young men aged 13-18 years old study and grow up, who devote time and energy to academic knowledge, foreign languages ​​(including Greek and Latin), sports - ranging from cricket to rock climbing - and musical instruments with which you are not ashamed join local jazz bands, rock bands and even a symphony orchestra. There are 40 hectares of playing fields around the school, where not only happy schoolchildren train, but, it happens, even Olympic champions. 

Tuition fee - £ 37,539 per year.

The City of London School, London 

A private school located on the banks of the Thames right in the center of the British capital does not provide full board, but is known for an impeccable reputation. The educational institution, founded in 1834, today receives a decent education for about 900 boys, and most often boys come here 11 years old - at the same age when real wizards manage to get into Hogwarts. It is not surprising that Daniel Radcliffe studied here when he starred in the Harry Potter films. By the way, not far from the school there is also The City of London School for girls, where potential Hermione studies.  

Tuition fee - £ 14,886 per year.

Harrow School, London 

The influential boarding school, Eton's main competitor, was created in 1572 by the decree of Elizabeth I, although it actually existed before - according to Professor Christopher Tyerman, author of the book "History of the Harrow School 1324-1991", boys were taught useful here long before the official opening ... This school invented squash, takes pride in straw hats, and has been receiving an excellent academic education for centuries. Talents are also developing brilliantly here: Churchill, Byron and Benedict Cumberbatch studied at this school - boys gifted in very different ways. 

Tuition fee - £ 37,350 per year. 

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