A student visa is eligible for a citizen of the Russian Federation, Ukraine or Kazakhstan who has submitted an official invitation from any educational institution (college or university) to the Cyprus Embassy. In addition to the invitation, the applicant for a student visa will need to provide a standard package of documents.

Documents required for obtaining a student visa to Cyprus

Official application (You can download a sample application here ).

Copy of the passport.

High school diploma showing grades in all subjects.

Diploma of graduation from a college or university if it is planned to participate in the MBA program.

Receipt for payment of the student visa fee in the amount of 86 Euro, administrative fee for the examination of documents in the amount of 52 Euro.

A valid certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirming the absence of a criminal record, as well as information that the applicant is not under investigation.

4-6 photos.

A bank sponsorship letter from a Russian bank confirming that the prospect has a solvent sponsor who is capable of paying for accommodation in Cyprus, as well as tuition fees. The sponsor can be the student's parents/ guardian or himself.

A medical certificate, which reflects information about a blood test for AIDS, hepatitis B and C, a blood test for syphilis and data on the presence of tuberculosis. The certificate must be up-to-date (no more than 4 months at the time of submission of documents to the embassy). You can download a sample medical certificate here .

The entire package of documents, with the exception of the application itself, must be translated into English and certified by a notary. Apostille is affixed to each document. It is allowed to submit copies of documents, since when directly obtaining a visa at the embassy, ​​it will be necessary to provide the originals.  After paying all the necessary fees and submitting the documents, the management of the educational institution makes a decision about whether the student is suitable for training or not. In case of a positive decision, the student is sent a document that describes the conditions of study. Unsatisfactory grades or medical indications may be grounds for refusal to study.

If a positive decision is made, the procedure for obtaining a student visa is as follows:

the selection committee of an educational institution sends the necessary documents to the Ministry of Education, which issues a permit for education;

after obtaining permission, the educational institution submits documents to the migration service, which issues a visa ;

the future student pays for tuition (~ 3200 Euro, depending on the institution where the study is supposed to be) ;

after consideration and approval of the documents by the migration service, the date of the interview / interview at the embassy is set. For the interview, you must bring the originals of all documents and their certified copies included in the standard package of documents (the list of documents was presented above). It is also additionally necessary to provide a copy of the letter from the educational institution on admission to study (Acceptance letter), a receipt for the prepayment for studies, etc.

In the absence of a Cypriot embassy or consulate on the territory of the state, a student visa can be issued upon arrival in the country. To do this, the applicant must send all documents by mail to the admissions office and wait for a copy of the student visa from it, which is sent by e-mail or fax.

Remember that a student is only allowed to enter Cyprus with a student visa! 

After issuing a visa, you can book an air ticket (with an open date) and prepare for the move. At the airport before the flight, you will need to provide the following documents.

A receipt for the transfer of the prepayment to the educational institution, the student visa fee and the administrative fee for the examination of documents.

Letter from an educational institution for admission to study.

Cash in the amount of at least 1600 Euro or travelers checks for this amount.

Documents that were presented at the embassy during the interview.

Return ticket with an open date.

In the absence of one of these documents, entry into the territory of the republic will be impossible. Upon arrival, the student must register before the start of the academic semester, which ends on average 3-5 days before the actual start of study. After registration, you should go to the migration service to extend your student visa and receive a pink slip.


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