Student visa in Cyprus (student visa)

 I study at one of the universities in Cyprus on a student visa. According to the program, I can do an internship in one of the local companies (profile - design, which is not included in the list of professions "allowed" for students). In this case, is my visa status reissued, and if so, how? Do I need to get an official work permit or is it allowed for internship with a student visa? If, after that, the employer decides to hire me, will I have to leave Cyprus to obtain a work permit?

Indeed, design is not included in the list of allowed jobs for students in Cyprus (these are mainly hospitality-related professions). However, without exception, all students are registered with the migration authorities as interns, having a referral from the place of study. In your case, you will most likely need a special permit from the Department of Registration and Migration in Nicosia, allowing you to practice in your specialty. If, after the period of study and internship is over, your employer wants to employ you on a permanent basis, then you will simply fall under the general working conditions for non-European citizens. However, keep in mind that it is very difficult for third-country nationals to get a job. Your employer must have the right to employ foreigners (non-EU), and it cannot be said that many have such a right. These are mainly former offshore companies and large companies, where there is already a practice of working with citizens of third countries.

I have a visitor visa (third country national). I am thinking about going to a local university. Will I need to change my visitor status to a student? What is the difference between them? Can I later, during my studies, get a job (officially, on a visa), that is, change a student visa to a work visa? Michael.

After entering an educational institution in Cyprus, you need to change your visa to a student visa. As practice shows, university employees fill out all the forms necessary for this. The visitor visa is usually issued for a period of one to five years, and the student visa is for the full duration of study.
No one can forbid you from looking for a job in Cyprus after you have completed your studies. As soon as you find a job, your employer will complete and submit all the necessary documents for opening a work visa. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that you will actually be given it. It is recommended that such statements be made with the support of a lawyer.

I am a citizen of a third country, I entered a university in Cyprus and am going to change my visitor visa for a student visa. Will I be able to apply for a long-term residence permit or citizenship after the end of the required period (five and seven years)?
In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, you are entitled to apply for a permanent residence permit after five years of legal residence in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. After seven years of legal residence, an application for citizenship is submitted. Legal stay is calculated from the moment of first registration with the Immigration Office.

Tell me, I study in Cyprus, an educational institution deals with the preparation of my documents. My pink slip ends in 2 weeks, they will make a new one, in college they find fault with my documents (there is reason to believe that these are nitpicks) confirming the purchase of euros in Russia, they do not like that they are in Russian and they are not satisfied with the fact, that the documents include my mother's name as the person who made the purchase. Naturally, there is a birth certificate certified and translated properly. Q: are their worries about getting me a pink slip justified? And what happens if they don't give it to me? It turns out that a month or two, until I receive an official refusal, I will be here illegally? What is your opinion on this situation? Thank.
We advise you to immediately apply yourself, or force the college to submit documents before the end of the pink slip and receive a pink piece of paper confirming the payment of the fee for the examination of documents (34 euros).
This piece of paper will be a confirmation that you have submitted documents and are waiting for an answer. With such a pink check you are legally. And don't throw it away - it will come in handy in the future.
If there is no such piece of paper, you are illegal and at any time you can be expelled from the country. After reading these lines and being in the same position - get up and go to immigration.
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