University scholarships: 13 best calls for 2019

University Scholarships: Hundreds of options for your training
University Scholarships represent a blessing that allows people to change their destiny forever.

Not only do people with limited financial resources access scholarship programs, so do the most solvent people.

Since they always constitute a great saving and to be able to study under the same sponsorship of an excellent university.

In fact, being able to win University Scholarships means something that becomes a plus for your resume.

If you took the time to complete all the documentation for a scholarship, if you had the sense to attach your academic notes and be elected by your request, that denotes your level of commitment when training as a professional.

Moreover, not all University Scholarships are awarded to the best students, to those who only have the highest qualifications.

This is something that institutions establish to encourage research and development.

Reason that in turn makes it clear that they do not always have that charitable mission, which is only given to people with limited economy.

Do you want to know the 50 best international scholarship calls?

University scholarships: the first steps
To know where to start we recommend you pay close attention to this article. Here we will present you with 9 university scholarship programs that grant aid to pay tuition, accommodation, transfers, air tickets and more.

So, be sure to visit the official pages that we will recommend in each section so you don't miss any details.

An approach to scholarships recognized worldwide

To give you a general idea of ​​what they expect when applying for University Scholarships.

In this article you will know some of the scholarships that have the most impact internationally, scholarships to which in all probability you could also apply:

University scholarships at your fingertips
Erasmus Scholarships
Santander Scholarships
MEC Scholarships
Fulbright Scholarships
DAAD Scholarships
Eiffel Scholarships
OAS Scholarships
Conacyt Scholarships
ICETEX Scholarships
Chevening Scholarships
Carolina Foundation Scholarships
Endeavor Scholarships of the Government of Australia
Holland Scholarship of Study In Holland of Holland
1. Erasmus scholarships
Erasmus scholarships are some of the most attractive and sought-after on the European continent, especially because their conditions to become a scholarship are quite friendly.

Through the Erasmus Program, students can take undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the Member States of the European Space, as well as in Turkey and Switzerland.

This is one of the oldest university scholarships in the world, and in fact it was created in 1987 by a student association known as AEGEE Europe.

Since its creation, it has evolved considerably, partly because in 1995 it was integrated into the Socrates Plan, which is made up of 4 high-level subprograms.

Erasmus Scholarship Benefits
Comprehensive Management Plan
The Erasmus scholarship represents a management plan of important public administrations that seek to facilitate the academic mobility of university professors and students.

It is well known that these types of university scholarships were initially conceived to benefit European students, but today this has changed significantly.

In short, it is a program that pursues interculturality, and consequently the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships were created to benefit students from Latin America.

Wide academic offer
These university scholarships are characterized by offering multiple and interesting options for academic studies to students, which adds imminent appeal.

Therefore, in the following lines we will tell you what are the university degrees that you can take through the Erasmus scholarships:

Engineering and Technology
Architecture, Urban Planning and Regional Planning.
Medical Sciences.
Administration and Business
Social Sciences.

Inclusive and international educational programs
The Erasmus + KA1 scholarships were born to benefit students from anywhere in the world and are less restrictive around the application requirements, so much so that there are no age limitations.

In addition, they cover a broader academic catalog, as they include areas of study linked to arts, sports, languages, etc.

The beneficiaries receive a fixed amount of money to cover their travel, stay, and even the cost of the course, so that the support they receive is monumental.

They give life to the “Erasmus generation”
The "Erasmus Generation" is made up of university students who have created bonds of friendship that cross borders and who also have full European citizen awareness.

Clearly, with these university scholarships, cohesion and knowledge of the European Union is promoted among the youngest population, which is very positive and revolutionary.

They promote international cooperation
That's right, and in 2004 the Erasmus program received the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation as it is one of the most significant cultural exchange programs in the world.

How to apply for an Erasmus grant
These university scholarships have the peculiarity that you can apply in two ways: through the European Commission platform, or through the universities themselves.

The second way is usually the most used by those interested, because the information is compiled in one place, and they also explain step by step what you should do.

One of the strongest and most demanding countries in education.

Therefore, to people who have an idea of ​​what these scholarships are, their name evokes prosperity and progress. Achieving these scholarships means a firm step to have an excellent resume, and of course, a guaranteed job success.

Basically you should visit the pages that interest you most to know when the university scholarship application processes open, and what are the requirements.

Do you want to have the best consulting to access one of the scholarships in this article? Enter here and you will be one step closer to achieving your dream.

2. Santander Scholarships
Banco Santander also offers excellent university mobility grants, and therefore they have become a classic of higher education in Spain.

This financial institution seems to spare no help in providing assistance to the student population interested in mobilizing to this European country to continue training.

Indeed, the Santander Santander university scholarships were specially created to cover a wide educational range, and therefore their programs are quite varied.

Today thousands of people are benefited through the Business Internship Scholarship Program, the Formula Santander Program, or the Santander Top Scholarships, to name a few.

But so that you are aware of the specificities of each one, we will present them to you immediately.

Iberoamerica Scholarships
They are designed to benefit those who wish to deepen their university studies for about 6 months in certain Latin American universities.

Students have the option of choosing the location where they wish to study, but they must always respect the countries aligned with the Ibero-American Scholarships so that everything goes smoothly.

They are Puerto Rico, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Chile.

Santander Research Scholarships
This program was created to consolidate and develop in depth the Latin American space.

Through it, 6-month stays are offered at certain universities in Latin America, but unlike other programs, this is not for students.

As you read it, here the main beneficiaries are researchers and university professors who wish to carry out high-impact research projects.

The countries aligned with this initiative are Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Peru and Portugal.

Santander Formula Scholarships
These are intended to motivate the international mobility of undergraduate and graduate students, but only in Brazil.

Santander Scholarships TOP
These university scholarships integrate a very solid bilateral cooperation program. The objective is to promote the exchange of academic activities so that students have a broader picture of the field of knowledge.

TOP China - Brazil, TOP China - Mexico, TOP Spain and TOP Brazil are the cooperators in this case, so the study opportunities are quite attractive and broad.

How to apply to Santander Scholarships
You must be a student of any of the universities aligned with the Santander Iberoamerica Scholarships such as: the Complutense University of Madrid, the Pontifical University of Salamanca, King Juan Carlos and more.
These are just some of the houses of study that admit them, but the truth is that there are more than 40 throughout the Spanish region where you can apply for the scholarship.

You must comply with the series of requirements that the faculty of each university imposes on you, such as the selection of the fellows, start dates and more.
The mobility studies of these university scholarships must be carried out between July 1, 2019 and August 31, 2020.
You can not forget the hiring of life insurance, although this is really mandatory.
Said insurance must cover the following:

Disability due to accidents.
Sanitary repatriation of deceased, sick or injured.
Medical, surgical and hospitalization expenses due to accident or illness.
Private Civil Liability
And the most important thing is that this insurance cannot be less than the duration of the scholarship, so this is a very serious condition that you cannot underestimate or ignore.

How much is the perceived help?
Those who benefit from the Santander Iberoamerica Scholarship receive a contribution of 3,000 euros for student mobility.

With this provision, they must pay for their meals, accommodation, travel and tuition fees, if necessary.

However, it is mandatory for students to open a checking account at Banco Santander, since that is where the participating university will pay the amount.

By 2019 there will be 973 places available to opt for this type of university scholarships, and the registration period closes on April 29.

Visit the official website of the Santander Scholarships to know more details about it, and to know if you are a good candidate to receive them during the 2019-2020 period.

3. MEC Scholarships
University Scholarships-1

The MEC scholarships are awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (MEC), which is a department of the General Administration of the Spanish State.

They are convened annually in a massive way and their main benefit is that they allow you to study languages ​​abroad.

In fact, more than 10,000 scholarships are awarded year after year to study languages ​​such as French, German, or English abroad.

However, there is also a modality of MEC scholarships to promote university and master's studies, as well as those of secondary education, high school and vocational training.

Let's say that high school students, university students, and even those who belong to the special regime teachings, can benefit from these programs.

How to apply for a MEC scholarship
The application is online, and if it is the first time you will request it, you must register your data on the electronic portal of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.
But if you are already registered do not forget to check or update your data when necessary, as well as check that there is no news in the system that could harm you.

You must be Spanish or have the nationality of one of the states that make up the European Union to apply for an MEC scholarship for university studies or specializations as a master's degree.
The scholarship application period began on October 16, 2018, but ideally you should check the publication of the Official State Gazette on the ministry's website to find out how long it will be extensible.
Notification that you have benefited from these university scholarships will be via online, so you should check your MEC account consecutively.
How much is the perceived help?
Contributions vary depending on 3 income “thresholds”. Want to know more about it? Surely yes, so keep reading.

For example, university students who are below threshold 1 receive a fixed amount linked to income of 1,600 euros.

For their part, those who are below threshold 2, and that they must reside outside the family home receive a fixed amount linked to the residence of 1,500 euros.

While those below the threshold 3 receive a fixed amount linked to academic excellence that ranges between 50 and 125 euros.

4. Fulbright Scholarships
These university scholarships are destined to the realization of masters in a great multiplicity of careers, except those that integrate the health sector.

For example, specializations in the careers of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing or Veterinary Medicine are not admitted within this program granted by the Government of the United States.

These university scholarships have the particularity that the studies begin during the month of August or September of the year following the application.

And in order to apply you must follow a few requirements, such as the ones we will list below:

Have at least 2 years of experience in the area of ​​study in which you wish to specialize.
Reside in Latin America at the time of completing the application process.
Have a high level of English (you must have a TOEFL certification).
Have nationality of some Latin American. However, those with dual nationality (Venezuelan-American) may not apply.
Not having benefited from a Fulbright scholarship in the past.
Not having received a professional degree or academic degree in the USA, nor being conducting postgraduate studies in that country.
How to apply for this scholarship
Students interested in applying must enter this platform, register, and log in to begin the application process.
Once they have entered they will have to answer a few questions such as: From which country are they applying? To which program are they applying? Or to which academic level are they applying?
The answers are predetermined, and therefore students will not have to guess or guess them, which is very practical.

Once you have passed the previous step it will be time for you to access the Fulbright scholarship application form.
Currently the call for university scholarships 2019-2020 has not started, so the application period is not yet open.
Therefore we recommend you to be very attentive to the announcements that the American Embassy will make through its official website about the next call, OK?

How much is the perceived help?
On that page they do not specify the exact amount that the scholars receive, since the total or partial financial aid depends on the American universities aligned with this program.

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However, they do indicate how they help them, and right now we will tell you what this is all about:

They assist them in the processing of the J-1 exchange visa.
They cover the costs of installation and allocation of books.
They include medical insurance.
They cover tuition costs.
They pay the round trip air ticket.
They cost the additional expenses of the trip.

5. DAAD Scholarships
These university scholarships are awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service, or Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD).

Students have the possibility of pursuing higher studies as master's and doctorates in Germany, and in a host of academic disciplines.

DAAD represents the largest scholarship and academic cooperation organization in the world, as it works with 350 German universities and academic institutes.

It has offices in approximately 100 countries, and therefore, has more than 500 representatives worldwide.

How to apply for these scholarships
Students must send an email to a maximum of 3 universities that offer the specialization they wish to complete
When they have established that first contact they must complete the application for the study quota.
Once they have completed this step they must follow the instructions of the university (such as entering certain documents).
After these are analyzed, and after the student's profile has been studied, it will only remain that the university informs how interested it is in the candidates.
Request the eligibility letter (issued by the university).
Consign all documentation (bachelor's degree, certificate of completion of university studies, etc.) in the DAAD Information Center, in the country where they are applying.
How much is the help?
On the DAAD page they do not specify how much is provided, but they do confirm that students receive help for:

Enrollment of the master's or doctorate (maximum for four years).

6. Eiffel Scholarships

They were developed by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in order for French universities to attract foreign students interested in master's or doctoral courses.

Lately, students from emerging countries who have no more than 30 years to complete a master's degree, or more than 35 years to do a doctorate have been recruited, regardless of whether they come from emerging or industrialized countries.

How to apply for these university scholarships
The French universities are the only ones empowered to present the applications files. However, you can get more information by clicking here.
The fellows are selected by a jury of experts.
The fellows of master's degrees 1 have 12 months to complete their studies, while those selected for master's degrees 2, have 24 months.
Those who aspire to pursue doctorates have up to 3 calendar years to complete them.
How much is the help?
The fellows of the master's degrees receive a monthly contribution of 1,181 euros, plus the costs of transfers, social protection and cultural activities.
The doctoral fellows receive a monthly aid of 1,400 euros, plus the same additional costs of the applicants for the master's degrees.
Here it should be noted that the Eiffel program does not cover the costs associated with the tuition fees.

However, they do invite higher education institutions to offer the best offers and financial conditions to the fellows.

7. OAS Scholarships
The OAS Academic Scholarship Program dates from 1958, and since then thousands of people have benefited from pursuing doctorates, masters, and postgraduate research.

Likewise, there is also a Special Scholarship Program for the English-speaking Caribbean known as SPECAF, which grants aid to pursue the last 2 years of a bachelor's degree.

But this has a condition: those who apply must be citizens or residents of the English-speaking Caribbean Member States, or Suriname.

On the other hand, the Partnership Program for Education and Training (PAEC), grants scholarships for academic studies in the Americas and the world.

How to apply for these scholarships
Visit the official website of the OAS university scholarship programs. (You must ensure that you are a citizen or permanent resident of any of the OAS Member States)
Make the application online.
It meets all the requirements that the OAS requires to pursue higher education studies for a period not exceeding 2 years, such as certified notes, letters of recommendation, degree obtained, etc.
Scan the required documentation and attach it to a PDF file that you must add in your online application.
You will receive an email. Then you must print the application and the required documents and submit them to the OAS of your country.
The OAS will shortlist the candidates and notify you if you are awarded a scholarship.
How much is the help?
The OAS programs are complementary. This means that they do not cover 100% of the expenses of the fellow.

However, students who benefit will receive aid that is broken down as follows:

Tuition and administrative expenses.
Health insurance
Round trip air ticket.
Annual allocation of books ($ 300 in the case of face-to-face studies and $ 1,000 in the case of distance studies).
Supplementary subsistence contribution (this is only valid for face-to-face studies and is paid monthly).

8. Conacyt Scholarships
These university scholarships are granted by the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), which is attached to the Government of Mexico.

Its purpose is to promote the training of scientists and researchers, as well as to encourage the linking of high-level professionals in the country through the tools established in the Law of Science and Technology.

It highlights that Conacyt has the most important postgraduate scholarship program in the Mexican region.

Master's, doctoral and postdoctoral studies can be carried out in Mexico, or abroad, according to the specializations that are most interesting to the fellows.

How to apply for these university scholarships
You should contact the university institution in which you wish to complete your higher education (just make sure you are registered in the National Quality Postgraduate Program).
You must complete your registration at that university.
The postgraduate coordinator will continue the process of the scholarship by sending the application of each applicant through the Conacyt system.
He himself will notify you what are the requirements that you must enter to move forward with the process.
It is important that you know that you must have an average of 7.8 points in order to apply to the Conacyt scholarship programs, or else you must take a recovery period before starting your postgraduate or master's degrees.

If you visit the official website of Conacyt you will know all the academic offer that is currently available for higher studies in Mexico or abroad.

9. ICETEX Scholarships
These university scholarships are granted by the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (ICETEX).

This grants aid for studies in this country, or abroad, and only in the most prestigious and internationally recognized institutions.

How to apply for these scholarships
Visit the official page of ICETEX.
Click on the “Educational Credit - Scholarships” section.
Fill out the application form, after you have registered in the Virtual Office of this entity.
Enter the documents required in the ICETEX offices of your country and in the agreed period.
Enter your Virtual Office repeatedly to know the status of your request.
Do you want to have a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume that allows you to be closer to reaching the scholarship of your dreams? Enter here and take a step forward.

10. Chevening Scholarships
These scholarships are funded by the British government; more exactly they are part of a program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, among other related institutions.

Scholarships usually open between August 1 and November 15 of each year, being available for a certain number of countries, among which a good part of them are Hispanic.

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Chevening Scholarships are responsible for covering the cost of the tuition, as well as granting a subsidy so you can rent a flat or room.

Likewise, the government pays you the ticket in economy class so that you arrive in the country.

There are other aids designed to cover the most important needs you face during your training.

Apart from validating that you went through the process of learning English, through the TOEFL certification in English, you must commit that once your career is over you must return to your country.

You are even given a period of two more years, so you can enjoy meeting or working in Europe, but you have to come back after that.

Naturally, you will need to have a university degree that accredits the training you will receive, since it is a scholarship aimed at higher education such as postgraduate courses.

Thanks to this scholarship you can study in institutions such as Bangor University, Durham University or Birmingham University, among others.

11. Carolina Foundation Scholarships
The Carolina Foundation is a Spanish institution that was founded in September 2000 by the Council of Ministers of Spain.

The intention of this foundation is to allow Spain's relations with Hispanic countries to be strengthened through research, development and culture.

It is a type of University Scholarships that focus on postgraduate degrees.

The list of scholarships offered annually is really wide, so much so that the volume of people who apply is usually around 200,000.

From that number of people, for the academic courses of 2018-2019 a total of 66,019 winners were obtained.

In total, for 2018, he offered a total of 378 postgraduate scholarships and 135 doctorate scholarships. In addition, he awarded 60 postdoctoral short-term scholarships and 2 entrepreneurship scholarships, among others.

The Carolina Foundation is a very solid institution that offers the best guarantees to students, so much so that by the same 2018, it granted 95 renewals in doctoral scholarships.

It is important to be aware of the dates of publication of new scholarships.

Those of the year 2018 closed towards the end of March in the case of the master's degrees, while those of the doctorate and mobility scholarships admitted applicants until April 7.

12. Endeavor Scholarships of the Government of Australia
The Endeavor University Scholarships are part of an Australian government program thinking for Latin American students.

It is a type of scholarships aimed at masters, doctorates, research, as well as to practice in the professional field in which you are already prepared.

These University Scholarships have been a great contribution to the lives of many students since the Edeavor program was announced in 2009.

It presents itself as a great study opportunity, taking into account that Australia is the third country on the planet that has the largest international students.

So if you decide to be part of these scholarships, you can choose from around 22,000 courses and 1,1000 university institutions.

To apply for the scholarship you will of course need to have a high TOEFL score and show the university degree you have already achieved.

Among the benefits of this scholarship, there is the same allowance to travel to Australia, as well as another support and an additional allowance for your most necessary expenses. The scholarship covers travel and health insurance.

Naturally, upon obtaining this course, the financing of tuition is paid by the Endeavor program.

For the year 2018, the Endeavor University Scholarships will be open from July.

13. Holland Scholarship of Study In Holland of Holland
Finally, a scholarship program for Latin Americans who wish to study in Holland is the Study in Holland, also known as the Holland Scholarship.

It must be borne in mind that these University Scholarships are funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Education itself and are aimed at people who wish to advance their higher education, through masters and doctorates.

The benefit of the scholarship is processed in parallel with the university itself where you decide to continue your studies.

To a certain extent this scholarship constitutes an additional income compared to what it is already to choose a university and the possible scholarship that it offers.

That is why you should not be alarmed because the benefit of the scholarship barely represents a value of 5,000 euros, which you will be receiving throughout the first year of studies.

This is one of the University Scholarships where to be elected you must not have a nationality that is part of the European Union, nor should you have studied before in Holland.

The call is usually open from February to May.

To know this scholarship call, enter here.

How to apply for University Scholarships?
There are many aspects to consider about scholarships.

Precisely, not all are for undergraduate or undergraduate training, but there are also those that focus on masters and doctorates, thus allowing a person to have a much broader training.

The great virtue of these University Scholarships is that many are promoted by universities abroad.

For example, the University of Salamanca (which is one among the many that offer scholarships), usually offers training programs for the Hispanic community, as well as for students who are perfectly fluent in Spanish.

These are scholarships that promote higher education.

Naturally, to reach that instance you will then need to have at least an undergraduate training.

Undergraduate or undergraduate University Scholarships have a simpler methodology to win them.

And unfortunately they are the ones that are more nuanced as something you get in a charitable way to help your pocket.

This is a widely publicized prejudice, since there are many students who obtain them in honor of their excellent and high marks.

Interesting advantages to consider about University Scholarships
Just to further stimulate your desire to participate in the process of selecting a scholarship, it is necessary to say that it is not only about the financing of your university studies.

There are also scholarships that are complemented with food and transportation assistance, so that your commitment to the scholarship is exclusively to train and study.

In the case of University Scholarships for foreigners, some raise the bet even more.

That is, they are scholarships that understand your universe and know that life is not only synthesized in studying, studying and studying.

You can find scholarships where you are additionally paid a recreation allowance.

That is, you have extra money for recreation and socialization, vital components when you are in a country other than yours, away from your family and friends.

But what more benefit to get a scholarship than the virtue that your resume stands out and allows you to get the job of your dreams very easily.

That is, having won a scholarship does not take long to become an amulet that will brighten your destiny.

The ease of participating in a University Scholarship process
Now, thanks to automation and the digital world, today it is very easy to participate in a scholarship selection process.

Most universities, if not all, have structured their own management platform to validate all the necessary documentation to apply for a scholarship.

Your process to apply for the scholarship starts from the moment you read the PDF, specifying both the benefits and the documentation you have to link to the platform.

In general, they usually ask for documents such as your ID (National Identity Document), certificate of grades, certificates of secondary or university education, among others.

Once you have everything, the same platform software takes care of processing all the documentation.

If any are needed, the same system will warn you what to add.

That way you can have total peace of mind that your request will be taken into account.

Everything else will wait.

The chances of being chosen also depend on your ability to believe the story that the scholarship is for you and that you deserve to get it.

Since the application statistics for a scholarship is usually 1 in 3.

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University scholarships are your allies
University scholarships can become your best allies if you want to take a master's degree, a doctorate, or a postdoctoral degree, in the country where you reside, or abroad.

Therefore we recommend you visit the official pages of each of the study programs that we share in this note so you know when or how to apply, as well as other important details.

Online Course to obtain University Scholarships
Throughout this article you have been able to taste and understand the importance of the scholarships and the way in which they serve the countries to integrate their talents, advance in the development of science and the cultural universe.

But what if you dare to complete everything you already know with an excellent Udemy course?

One in which you can prepare and know all the key tips, so that at the time of applying for a scholarship you have a high level of probability of being elected.

Who devised this course?

This course was thought by Shayla Price, a woman who from high school earned more than $ 100,000 in scholarships.

So much was his success that he wrote a book entitled: The search for scholarships: a guide to earn free money for college and more.

Shayla has served as executive director at the National Search Dog Allianca and as director of marketing at Progressive U.

The latter is an institution that supports young people through blogs.


Shayla guarantees you that through a course of 21 classes, equipped with only 32 minutes of video on demand, you can:

Identify scholarships active and related to your profession or university career you wish to make.
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Know how to create a really impressive resume.
Find the appropriate ways to obtain outstanding letters of recommendation that support your scholarship application.
So with all the guidelines that Shayla Price will give you, you have a high percentage of applying intelligently and correctly, having a high probability of success of being chosen by a university or institution.

As you can see, there are many options to obtain university scholarships, so as with any project in life, the first step is to start.

We wish you many successes in your search and remember to persevere and work hard for your dreams so that they come true.
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