The best destinations in Europe to travel during summer

Finding a great destination in Europe in these months is quite easy, so restricting your options is really the hard part. These are the busiest months in most of the most tourist cities in Europe, although July (and August) may be less crowded than you would expect in larger commercial cities, such as Milan and Paris.

1 - Reykjavik, Iceland
Although Reykjavik somehow earned a reputation as a nightlife capital in recent years, it is not yet a place where he wants to stay longer than necessary.

The magic of Iceland is the setting for this extremely photogenic volcanic island, and Reykjavik is the only simple looking place here. If you have at least one week, you should consider driving around the ring road in a rented car.

2 - Interlaken, Switzerland
If you want to visit the Swiss Alps to witness the most incredible landscapes in all of Europe, Interlaken is the best place to go. July is one of the rainiest months in this part of Switzerland, so you may need your umbrella, but it will still be worth it.

The main attractions here are visits to the top of the mountains of Schilthorn and Jungfraujoch, which are reached by cable car and tourist train, respectively. Things can be cloudy or wet even in July, so it is best to schedule your visits immediately once you know that things are clear at this time. If you want to visit a second place in Switzerland to admire the unusual beauty, Lucerne is your best option.

3 - Edinburgh, Scotland
Many people know that London is famous for its lousy weather most of the year, but in Edinburgh it is worse. Still, it won't be better than in July and this is a really wonderful place to visit.

July is also much better than August because Edinburgh celebrates dozens of great festivals in August (including the Fringe Festival), which pushes crowds and lodging prices to the clouds.

Edinburgh is worth spending three nights if you can do without them, but you might also consider heading north from here to Inverness, which is the gateway to the Scottish Highlands. Skip the boring excursions of Loch Ness and head to the Isle of Skye, to the west, to enjoy a landscape you will never forget.

4 - Dublin, Ireland
Dublin is a pleasant enough city for a couple of days, but it really is the rest of the island you want to focus on for a summer trip. The weather is still a bit cold even in July, but at least very long days are obtained and the Irish countryside is absolutely dazzling.

Many people rent a car to tour Ireland, but you can also see a lot by train or by bus. Smaller cities can be magical, with historic stone pubs full of local musicians most nights.

5 - Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon is perfect for traveling all year because it has the best climate of all. This is a beautiful and unappreciated city that is also surprisingly affordable.

In July, you will find half of Britain full of hotels and apartments in the Algarve, which is the southern coast of Portugal. It's worth checking out in July if the crowd doesn't bother you, but this is probably a better month to go north to Porto instead.

6 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
You will not have many warm days in Amsterdam in any month, but at least in July you will get some of them. The days of July are also long and the sun is still hidden around 10pm, so this is an excellent time to have a refreshing drink in one of the city's outdoor cafes.

Amsterdam residents flock to open areas in summer, hoping to get at least a little sun. So Vondelpark, Museumplein, Dam Square and Leidseplein are full of life at this time of year. Things pile up around the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum, but because there are so few busy streets in the center of Amsterdams, you can still feel at peace.

7 - Bergen, Norway
Speaking of expensive northern cities, Bergen is another that should not be missed if you are going to be in the area. The sun barely sets in the month of July, so the whole city has a brightness that lasts for all but a few hours when everyone is asleep. Oslo is obviously the capital of Norway, but honestly, Bergen is the best city to visit if you have to choose one.

Located in a charming harbor, Bergen is also known as the gateway to the fjords. If you want to see the impressive landscape of the rugged Norway's coast, this is the ideal place for boat trips or even the Hurtigruten that reaches the Arctic Circle. The food and drinks here are expensive, but the hotels are good value because the quality is high.

8 - Prague, Czech Republic
As in Venice, Prague is ridiculously crowded virtually all year. And in July it is at least a little worse. Even so, it is a fairly large city, so once you walk a few blocks from the main tourist corridor that runs from the castle to the Charles Bridge in the main square, you can still enjoy it.

The hotels here may seem expensive, but there are affordable apartments and the food is still of good quality, even if prices have risen in recent years. With 2 or 3 more days, you should consider an alternative trip to the wonderful small town of Cesky Krumlov, which is 3 hours away on a scenic bus or train trip.

9 - Budapest, Hungary
Budapest and Prague have much in common, but fortunately Budapest is not as crowded as Prague, so you can feel a little more pleasant in summer. The main accesses along the river on both sides can feel full, and the prices of nearby hotels and restaurants can also be expensive, but if you go a little inland on the Pest river side, the crowds are smaller and The prices are lower.

This city has a good amount of outdoor cafes and bars, so you can take advantage of the unusually low prices of drinks to spend a long evening in one. The famous "ruin pubs" have an outdoor patio in the center, so they are particularly pleasant during the summer months.
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