How to find a job abroad -

There are many options to find work abroad, more than you can imagine.

Each country will offer different opportunities, you have to know how to find them, the options for working abroad will also be different depending on the person looking for the job.

Therefore, knowing what is the range of possibilities to work abroad is a good resource before starting your job search.

If you are opportune, do not loose it. There are many reasons to work abroad.

I work abroad: ideas that will help you get it
Below you will find a series of proposals that will help you find or give the momentum and access a job abroad.

Job seekers
It is obvious that employment web portals occupy one of the first places. You can find web with job offers in almost every country in the world.

There are many options, job offers web for all sectors, web portals of specific offers for a sector, newspapers with job websites, employment blog ... there are many options.

Contact companies that are abroad
Another of the great resources to get a job abroad is to contact the companies directly.

Most companies, whether national or international, have an employment section where they publish their available job offers and we can even find a section to send your resume for future calls.

Prepare a list of companies where we would like to work or look for companies by area of ​​employment (hospitality, pharmaceutical, hotels, communication, ...) or countries, will help us establish an order and knowledge of the companies with which we can contact the Time to perform this action.

Contact people who are already working abroad
Word of mouth has always been a recurring way of informing you about the possibilities to work in different destinations, what are the most requested areas or with more demands, where it is easier to work, etc ... What comes to be a Good help to find a job.

If you have studied a university degree, your University is a great resource to access a job or internship abroad.

In recent years, most universities have added an orientation section that includes job offers and internships both nationally and internationally, it is a matter of taking a look at the latest opportunities.

Here you have a list with the main job portals of Spanish universities.

And also a list with the twitter accounts of the universities, so you don't miss anything.

International institutions and organizations are a great resource to access even a good job or internship abroad.

There are many institutions, both Spanish and other countries, that offer dozens of opportunities.

You can access this list European Organizations that offer internships and employment.

Job fairs
There are many job fairs both in Spain and in other destinations around the world where many jobs are held. There are also virtual fairs.

Take advantage of these opportunities to access a job abroad. Companies are looking for people like you.

Use the resources available to locate job offers abroad such as Eures, the European Professional Mobility Portal. A portal that has the objective of facilitating the free movement of workers within the European Economic Area (EEA).

EURES is addressed both to job seekers, interested in moving to another country to work or study, as well as to employers who wish to hire staff from other countries.

It is totally free for job seekers and employers, in accordance with the conditions established by each EURES Member State.

Create an irresistible Linkedin profile
Linkedin is the social network to find employment. If you have not created a profile yet, it is time to do so.

There are many companies that look for new talents through Linkedin, in addition, the social network, allows you to contact other people, create relationships and even look for job offers from thousands of companies worldwide.

Start your own business
If you have an entrepreneurial profile, you don't need to look for work abroad, create your own business.

Each country offers different opportunities and when you travel abroad, you can realize the business that can go well in the corresponding country.

A bar, a travel agency, a hotel, a shop, rent houses, co-working, create an NGO, a workshop, a communication agency, a language school, offer yoga, Pilates or other sports classes ... There are many options.

It is also possible to create your business through the internet and live anywhere in the world as a true digital nomad. This is very interesting if you want to work from anywhere in the world.

International Volunteering
Performing an international volunteer can be a good opportunity to find a job abroad. In addition to the different benefits offered by volunteering in another country, it can open doors for you to access a job.

You know people who live in that place and who can advise you, you can keep up to date with the opportunities in that destination, and you can even end up working in the organization.

Notice boards
If you are already in another country looking for a job, check out the bulletin boards.

It is one of the oldest resources to find work and, on many occasions, you can find attractive job offers that can help you get out of the way.

Universities, hostels, hostels, cafes ... are some of the points where you can find bulletin boards that provide you with information of this type. Do not miss it.

Go door to door
If we have mentioned that bulletin boards are one of the oldest resources to look for work, this one surpasses it.

It's about the common, hand over your resume. Tour all the establishments or places in the city where you want to work and offer your CV in hand.

The big brands no longer accept this type of method although it works very well in some destinations and especially, in some areas such as the hospitality industry.

Employment Agencies
Employment agencies help you find work.

Normally they usually have agreements with companies from different sectors. In them, you can find very interesting job offers.

There are general and other specific employment agencies that offer work for certain professionals.

Calls usually appear in the job vacancies section.

Facebook Groups
Facebook groups have become a very useful resource for finding work information abroad. There are everything, some publications better than others, but it is still a resource to consider.

It may seem a bit strange, but there is the possibility of making an exchange if you are working, for example, for a large company.

Imagine you are a cook in a hotel in Spain and want to work in Mexico in the same hotel chain. A hotel chef in Mexico is interested in working in Spain, you just have to propose to the company the exchange.

Go to events and do networking. Contact people, talk, expose your priorities and dreams. You never know where the opportunity of your life can be.

Local newspapers
There are many places in the world where job offers are still published in local newspapers. It is not bad, look at the newspapers to meet the latest vacancies in that destination.

Contact friends who are working abroad
If you have friends who are working in other countries, you can contact them and ask how employment is in that destination. They may know of a job offer that may interest you or a trick to locate a job in that country.

Transfer to foreign company
If you are working for a large company present in different countries around the world, you can propose to be sent to another destination if there is a free job in your area.

This is usually done a lot, especially in the area of ​​tourism, engineering or journalism, among others.

Contact Spanish companies abroad
You can make a list with Spanish companies (or your country) established abroad and search among job offers to find out if there are any interesting vacancies for your profile.

You can also get in touch with it, send them your CV and tell them about your interest in working in that destination.

International Professional Practices
In addition to the benefits of carrying out professional internships abroad, one of them, and the most interesting in this case, is to continue working for the company in which you are doing the internship.

We hope that this list of ideas to find a job abroad will help you. We would love to know your opinion, if you know something that we have left in the inkwell, leave us a comment.
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