20 ideas to spend the best family vacations

Family vacations are a true source of wonderful and unforgettable memories (so calm down and don't feel any pressure, huh!). In addition to good planning and realistic expectations, you can also use some inspiration to help you create an unforgettable getaway for the whole family, regardless of your budget.

For all ages: the campsite
Going camping is the type of vacation that every family should try at least once. The key is the organization: the most coveted areas usually require reservations months in advance, especially in high season. When making plans, take into account the extreme temperatures and therefore, the facilities facilities. Check that the flashlight batteries work; Review that you don't miss any of the accessories to set up the tents; and plan easy-to-prepare meals and activities for rainy days. To make the most of a good outdoor experience without the problem of shops, investigate the possibility of renting a van or a bungalow.

For varied ages: a cruise
A cruise getaway can be interesting for all ages. Start by finding the nearest port to your home, since you could save a lot on plane tickets. If you book in advance, or at the last minute, you can get incredible discounts on cruises, in addition to finding offers such as “children surf for free”, etc. Most boats offer family expeditions, or are simply large enough to accommodate a wide range of entertainment options for children and teenagers. Any type of supervised club for children is an additional point, so find out to see if teenagers and preteens can attend “adult” activities alone, such as movie sessions.

For ‘eco-friendly’ families: the wild world
The interior area of ​​the island of Madagascar, the shores of the Galapagos ... or perhaps a wild world to discover closer to home. Increasingly, travelers in general want to explore the natural beauty of the planet during their vacations, so ecological tourism is clearly on the rise. For those interested in traveling in a sustainable way, the International Ecotourism Society is a good place to start; If you are looking for an ecologically responsible way to take home the maximum splendor of nature, consider attending a free online photography course before leaving.

For older families: road trips
Although there are few things that can make you feel better than putting everything you need in the car and starting at dawn, the truth is that it is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you travel with the whole family. How long can children stay still in the car? Where can you stop to let the dog run for a while? How will you entertain the whole family for long periods on the road? In addition to planning how many km you can travel each day, also think of fun times for the whole family, such as the original soundtrack of the family's favorite movie or musical for everyone to sing, and games like the battle of musical groups and The license plate poker.

For families with children: holidays in resorts
Many holidays organized in tourist complexes take into account the children's pool and the supervised recreational centers. If you decide to leave the children in the care of others in a tourist complex, you should ask before they show you their child protection policy, and always have a cell phone on hand in case of emergency. In extreme climates, make sure they have heating or air conditioning. If possible, book a room with a special separate space for children, since a room with only one space can lead them to believe that sleeping with a father or mother is the most normal thing in the world.

For families who love music: festivals
Festivals used to be places that adults attended to let go and enjoy the party all night. However, as customers have grown and become parents, there are more and more festivals with activities for the whole family. From the Latitude Festival and Spring Barcelona, ​​there are more and more festivals that offer activities and designated areas for children, as well as very good discounts on tickets. The massive Burning Man festival held in the US desert. UU. He has even created a detailed family survival guide that will help you prepare for everything from the dust of the desert to the noise of decibels.

For exploring families: active getaways
In order to enjoy a trip in which no one can complain of boredom, consider attending a yoga and surfing school that is now in southern Europe and Southeast Asia, or go to one of North American ranches where activities such as swimming, fishing, archery and horse riding are offered. Compare the different all-inclusive vacation packages (three meals a day and transportation) with those that only include the practice of the activity in question, which might be the most suitable option for those who prefer to eat at different times or for those others They have a tighter budget. Do not forget to check the refund policies, as space is usually limited and cancellations can be complicated, even in cases of emergencies.

For a stress-free getaway: pure luxury
Although in a luxury getaway everything should always be planned, it is worth being attentive to any offer and possible savings. Explore the discounts that are offered based on age for cases such as teenagers who do not need supervision or supervised access, or children who will not eat at the buffet. Research packages with drinks included and age limits, since in some countries, depending on age, your children may consume alcohol even if it is not allowed in your home country. Finally, put a limit on the price of the rooms, since children can make you spend a lot just by sitting by the pool eating pizzas or visiting the spa.

For curious families: learn languages
Do you want to learn French or English as a family, but can't find the time to sit together after school? Learn a language during your vacation with a native teacher and apply it to real situations every day! This is the best way to improve the language, strengthen memory, and also have real fun. Depending on the language and destination you choose, exchange rates can help you learn the language for less money than you would spend even in your own country.

To form the character: leave as volunteers
To enjoy a vacation you'll never forget, consider helping those in need and / or your local ecosystem. Although they are not generally recommended for children under 7 years of age, the most popular (ethically responsible) destinations include research on sea turtles and raising awareness about animal life in Africa in general, which may involve a dedication of only 2 or 3 hours of work a day. When you research and compare the existing programs that best suit your family, don't forget to find out what vaccines they will need, what your travel insurance covers, both in the case of minors and the elderly to perform unpaid work, and also make sure you understand well the nature of the work they will perform and how your family can contribute significantly to that cause.

To strengthen family ties: camps for children
If your little ones have large amounts of energy that they have to burn, then consider going to a family camp geared towards the little ones. YMCA and many other associations organize outdoor camps with additional educational activities. These camps can help relieve the stress of those who always want to do it all at once and help them make new friends, while allowing you to strengthen your own family ties. Although family camps usually have everything included, read the fine print regarding special activities and supervision and care services for children.

For adventurous families: hiking
A walking holiday can be difficult to sell to certain members of your family. However, experts say that the key to convincing your children to undertake this adventure is to live with them and empower them. Live the adventure with them by observing together the flora and fauna of the place, and telling stories about the area. Empower them by allowing them to lead the walk a bit and giving them small responsibilities (and even small prizes). The national parks have their own difficulty indexes, tips on how to keep the area clean and their own guide regarding the types of wildlife you can find along the way.

For all families: sun and beach
The beach and the sea continue to be one of the favorite family destinations, and rightly so. A hotel or rental apartment within walking distance of the beach can save you a lot of problems when it comes to bringing toys up and down, and it will also make it easier for you to invest in a parasol or a beach igloo to protect you from the sun during your entire stay. If you go to a surf beach, see if you can find quieter areas with less waves or swimming pools for the little ones, and prepare activities for them in case of rainy days.

For all families: a few days in the snow
If summer is not your thing, do not worry because in the other half of the world it is winter. Skiing as a family can be a very special vacation, since the little ones can attend classes for groups, and adults have the opportunity to also enjoy. Whatever you do, investigate what is more affordable, whether to rent or buy ski equipment, and also look at programs that allow children to ski for free or at a reduced price.

For those looking for emotions: theme parks
Google is your friend, both for passes and discounts, as well as for the best times to go (the afternoons are usually quieter than first thing in the morning). And if you bring your own food and drink you can save a good money. Check the height restrictions at the attractions and make sure there is enough to do for the whole family. Think of a family “attack plan” so that no member enjoys less than the rest and another plan for when it is time to leave and the children ask for one more, and another one, and another…

For spectators: sports tournaments
Whether it is your favorite sport or something completely new, attending sporting events tournaments can become a great way to get to know other places in the world, to which you can also add some additional activity or entertainment. When planning the trip, stay tuned for discounts from sponsors, family passes and special areas for children such as the areas where it is prohibited to introduce and / or consume alcoholic beverages and stops where masks and children's faces are painted .

For those who are 13 years old, but seem like 30: teenage time
Holidays with teenagers can be challenging, but at the same time be really rewarding. Teenagers will look for adrenaline-filled activities that adults can also go to, such as zip lines, water skiing and diving, and will insist somewhere with a good Wi-Fi connection. Other tips to enjoy a holiday in harmony are to allow them to participate in decision-making, extend night hours, reward good behavior, let them come with friends, grant them some space so they can do their things and avoid activities that involve getting up early.

For families ‘foodies’: gastronomic holidays
A holiday based on cooking (and eating!) Is a good offer for the whole family. Due to the growing demand for authentic cuisine and fresh ingredients, cooking classes are becoming something that tourists are becoming more and more interested around the world. So, why don't you consider traveling and cooking in various regions of China or India to meet and learn from other cultures? If you notify in advance, most gastronomy schools will be happy to take into account varied requirements such as possible allergies, vegetarian diets, and may even give you ideas for cooking for children.

Shovel the most creative: inspirational getaways
Whether it's about learning to dance salsa in the streets of Havana or organizing a DIY shelter-workshop, creative getaways are the latest fad in the holiday industry. Add them a little more consistency, documenting online progress so that your friends can follow you, or using your projects during the next year through, for example, giving away your pictures on the next family birthdays. Make sure the inspiration flows and also enjoy a lot of free time!

When all else fails: "stays"
A "stay" during school holidays is a very good way to connect with the area where you live, whether old or new. Get some cards and have the children help you plan daily activities in trampoline centers and aquariums, and include less expensive home activities like a movie marathon and a cooking day. It may also be worth contacting your local tourism consortium to see if they have passes with discounts or tickets or special offers on activities.
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