Requirements to study in Spain

Performing training practices abroad while being studied is an increasingly widespread custom inside and outside Europe. Specifically, working in Spain while enjoying one of the many scholarships to study and work in Spain is a highly recommended option for foreign students. In short, studying and working in Spain is possible, yes very possible if we follow the appropriate steps.

How to study and work in Spain?
Among the requirements to work in Spain that foreign students must meet, there is a necessary documentation to access the programs to study and work in Spain in a legal way and perform internships in companies in conditions:

Copy of valid passport
Certification issued by the University or Center on the studies taken.
Public or private health insurance
Declaration that sufficient resources are available to study and work in Spanish territory. In this way we show that work is not necessary either for maintenance or for the payment of university tuition.
Student visa to work in Spain in force.
Work in Spain with a student visa
Although this documentation is relatively easy to obtain, the process of obtaining a student visa to work in Spain or choose a university scholarship brings more than one young person upside down.

The student visa must be requested at the Spanish consular office of the country of residence. If the Administration does not issue any response within a period of one month, we will understand that the request has been dismissed. On the other hand, if it has been approved, we will have two months to collect our visa.

To apply for a student visa to work in Spain we will have to present the following documentation:

Application for foreigner card in official model EX-17
Proof of payment of the visa fee
Three recent color and card photographs
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