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Working in Canada as a foreigner is possible, but it is necessary to meet certain requirements. There are a number of work permits and here we explain what they are. Mexicans who wish to travel to Canada must process eTA Canada, which is a travel authorization that allows travelers to enter the country.

The eTA for Canada is designed for short trips and is not an authorization or residence permit, nor can it replace a visa or work permit. The conditions for working, emigrating or studying in Canada require the processing of a visa or work permit that may require additional documentation that is not necessary when applying for the eTA.

Mexicans who want to visit Canada for a certain period of time can request the Canadian eTA online with their personal information and passport information. To complete the application successfully, the visa payment must be made.

Canada has been listed as the 5th happiest country in the world thanks to its indicators of general well-being. In the Human Development Index, Canada is ranked number nine. This means that Canada is a country with high quality of life and a good alternative to develop professionally and for those who want to improve their conditions.

Visas to work in Canada if you are Mexican
Getting applied for a job in Canada is not an easy task and it is worth mentioning that it is not advisable to work illegally. As a Mexican citizen, to work in Canada you can participate in the International Experience Program. This program grants visas to Mexican youth up to 29 years of age, as well as young people from other countries. Within the program there are three types of visas, one for working a whole year, another for recent graduates who have a job offer related to their studies, and one for 12-month internships in a company.

Since not everyone can enter special programs like the one mentioned above, the Canadian government has a number of requirements for people who want to work in their country.

General Requirements to work in Canada
Regardless of the applicant's country of origin, the following must be met to obtain a work permit:

An immigration officer must be shown that he does not plan to remain in Canada when the work permit expires.
Prove that the applicant has sufficient funds to take care of himself and his family during the stay in Canada.
The applicant must have a clean record, that is, he is a person who respects the laws and has no criminal record.

Prove that it will not be a threat to the security of the country.
Enjoy good health, and even submit a medical report.
The applicant has to show that he does not plan to work for an employer that has an “ineligible” status, since there are some companies or employers that did not respect the conditions established by the government regarding foreign employees.
The person requesting the work permit must show that he does not plan to work for companies or companies that offer services such as erotic massages and other jobs of this nature.
The applicant must submit additional documents if required by the Canadian government.

Canada offers two types of work permit, the open work permit, and the specific employer work permit. However, both permits are governed by strict regulations.

To apply for an open work permit, the person must be in one of the following situations:

Applicant of permanent residence in Canada, and who has already applied for it in the country.
Relatives dependent on some permanent residence applicants.
The legal partner of some international workers or students
Refugees, or people who have requested refuge in Canada and people protected with their families.
In some cases, a person carrying a temporary residence permit.
In some cases, young people participating in special programs.
The specific employer work permit is requested when the person already has a job offer in a specific industry or professional field. Depending on the work that the applicant wishes to do, the work permit for Canada must be processed. That is, within this type of work permit, there are several work permits and the requirements may vary. If, for example, the person wishes to work in a university compared to a person who wishes to work in construction the documents and requirements will not be the same.

It is more than advisable to contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate if you wish to work in Canada to obtain more information about a work permit. Although there are job opportunities, to be able to work in Canada, the person must meet several requirements and it is essential to be informed.

Although you cannot work in Canada with the eTA, the bearers of an eTA can participate in seminars, courses, and conferences. In order to visit Canada with Mexican citizenship, processing the eTA is necessary, if not, entry to the country will be denied.
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