Career and Postgraduate Studies Abroad

Service for Individuals
AEI would like to bring the many opportunities that exist WORLDWIDE to those individuals in search of a Career or Postgraduate program abroad. Whether you want us to assist you in only researching a certain University, College or Institution that offers the type of program you are looking for, or that you want us to advise you throughout the process (research, application dates, choose a school, apply, compile all the papers that are requested of you, in a correct and timely manner, to contact certified translators - if necessary -, to contact Scholars and Financing donors in your country and to support you during the whole period of your stay abroad), We are here to be the Professional hand that will take you to make a successful decision!


REPRESENTATION PACKAGE: we will advise and assist you throughout the process, including:
Personal Interview: to obtain your personal, educational, professional and socio-economic profile
Research to find the best option where you can study the program you have chosen, career or postgraduate abroad - up to 10 options
Selection of the option that best meets your profile and needs
Contact with the School / University / College / Institution chosen
Support during the application process, deadlines and any other requirements of the chosen school
Help to collect all necessary documents on time
Recommendation with professional and accredited translators in several languages ​​(when required)
There will be a charge for the entire package.

RESEARCH ADVICE: We will advise you by searching in the international educational field, to give you the options that are closest to your needs and expectations, according to your profile. This service includes the Personal Interview. Minimum 3, maximum 10 options. There will be a charge for the pre-determined number of schools investigated. Any additional school to this number will be charged per Unit ...

ADDITIONAL ADVICE SERVICES: Any additional advisory service you need that does not have to do with career or postgraduate studies will have an additional cost, but we will gladly help you. Ask what kind of services we offer in this case. There will be a service unit charge ...

RESEARCH SERVICES FOR THE APPLICATION: once you have in mind the school / schools where you would like to study, we can help you by investigating everything related to the application (deadlines, necessary paperwork, contacts, etc.) There will be a charge for the investigated school. ..

SCHOLARSHIP & FINANCING ADVISORY SERVICES: This service is created to bring opportunities that exist for students to obtain a scholarship or financing when they want to study abroad. This service does not guarantee that the student will obtain such support, but tries to inform about the organizations, instances or bodies of the public and private sector, which offer this type of opportunities, and will also be supported to choose the most appropriate for each one According to your profile. This service has a minimum cost ...

Service for Educational Institutions
We offer outsourcing services to the Departments of Continuing Education, International Education or Educational Extension for any school, college, university or institution, in order to contribute to the creation of successful methods for its students and graduates, through projects made tailored to your needs, short or long term.
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